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How To Run NetMeeting In Windows 7

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  • Tuesday, 27 March 2012
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  • Sometime creating the house for communication and discussion between the employees and business partners can be a problem. Moreover you may not have the ability to display the information properly. To get rid of this problem many people uses conference calls. To facilitate these needs Window operating system has come up with the program called as NetMeeting. If you are using Windows 7, then the name has been changed from NetMeeting to Microsoft Live Meeting, only the name of the application is changed, it still used for the same purpose. You can also set up and run Microsoft Live Meeting to ease your conference Meeting.

    Instructions to run NetMeeting in Windows 7

    Step 1
    Go to the Microsoft site and download the Microsoft Live Meeting. 

    Step 2
    Install the Microsoft Live Meeting in those employee computers, who involves in the conference. Without installing Microsoft Live Meeting applications one cannot get access to the conference.

    Step 3
    Invite the employee by sending the invitation using the Microsoft Live Meeting. The invitation will provide the link and the time at which the meeting will start. Go to the Live Meeting home menu. Click on the Schedule a meeting option. A new window will then appear that ask you about the meeting description and time, then attach or add the desire email addresses and click send to send the invitation.

    Step 4
    Prepare your audio, video and talking points before the meeting. The Live Meeting content pane gives you the option to activate the files from your computer. This will enable other member to see the file what you want them to see. This will help you to put forward your points in more expressive way and even make them understand easily.

    Step 5
    Start Microsoft Live meeting when the date and time of your meeting arrive, open the meeting files, notes or any other files that you want to discuss on.

    The Microsoft Live meeting is an application, available as a free download in Microsoft website that uses the central server to connect all clients. To get access to the conference or meeting going on in the Microsoft office Live Meeting you must install it in your computer. The Microsoft Live Meeting include the features such as Rich media presentations that includes Windows Media and Flash, Panoramic-video, Live webcam video, PSTN and VoIP audio integration, Multi-party two-way VoIP audio, Public events page, Advanced testing and grading, Active speaker indicator, High fidelity recordings, Personal recordings, Handout distribution or File Transfer, Virtual Breakout Rooms,. These features will help you to express or put your views more clearly and the make clients understand your views or points more effectively. 

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